Thai Kickboxing and Fitness Training in Okehampton

At Team Chaos we offer a regular weekly programme of training sessions at all levels, from age 5 to over 60. Choose from a range of styles – from kickboxing to Muaythai, circuit training to Bag Blast, and Kickboxercise sessions to get the heart pumping

Why choose us?

As we know martial arts is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness industry, because of its health and fitness benefits.

At Team Chaos we have adapted our way of coaching to suit a wide range that want to get involved. For example, our classes have variety, so if you are looking for something new, exhilarating, and challenging then this is for you!

People are often wary about the contact training. Let’s face it … getting punched and kicked is not for everyone! We get that! So those who don’t fancy that idea of contact training, can still enjoy the sessions. We have separate programmes in place for you.

Those who want to take it to the next level (whatever your level, right up to elite athletes) can also have all the support that they need from our experienced, qualified coaches.

Weekly Session Timetable

Our open classes take place in the evenings. Please note that sessions for elite athletes are by invitation only.

MondayGroups & 1 to 1Senior Thai KickboxingElite Athletes
TuesdayGroups & 1 to 1Children 5 & UpElite AthletesBag Blast
WednesdayGroups & 1 to 1Senior Thai KickboxingElite Athletes
ThursdayGroups & 1 to 1Children 5 & UpElite AthletesBag Blast
FridayGroups & 1 to 1Bag Blast